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How do you optimize internal candidates?

edited March 2019 in Hire

From past experience, internal and external candidates have been treated very differently.

How do you make it so that they get a great candidate experience and get in front of the right opportunities?


  • With internal candidates, it’s important to take the process down the same path that any other candidate would go through. We want to make sure that everyone is going through a fair and equal process with all the necessary steps to ensure they’d be a good fit for the role. It’s important to give internal applicants a great candidate experience and feel comfortable with the process regardless of whether or not they get the new position.

    If they don’t get it, a great candidate experience will insure that they stay both energized and engaged in their current role. If they do get it, we want to make sure they feel comfortable with onboarding into this new role and getting them set up with everything they need to be successful.

    Overall, it comes down to making sure each internal applicant/candidate has clear expectations of what the process will look like and that we give them a white-glove experience, just as we would any other candidate.

  • We find that lots of people have had their talents “optimized” and have gone on to work on different teams and become impactful members of those teams. We realize that when employees know what to expect throughout the process and not only that they’re allowed to go seek opportunities, but encouraged to do so, that we’re truly living Talent Optimization within our organization.  

  • I'm the beneficiary of great internal candidate experience. It was helpful to have a boss who was invested in my personal goals and unafraid to take action to help me open the right doors. My interview process was fantastic: I knew exactly what to expect and was kept in the loop on timeline. I've ultimately found my perfect role here!

  • edited April 2019

    I think many employers miss the boat when it comes to making the most of internal candidates.

    You can know their level of character through proven work that you can personally observe, or you can survey from those who can vouch for the candidate's character.

    That is a huge advantage if you use it.

    Like they say, "You hire based on qualifications and fire based on lack of character."

    Most behavioral tests don't measure character either. In fact, I'm not aware of any that do. So internal candidates offer you an advantage if you can see both behavioral metrics and observation of character.

    That's one way to really optimize internal candidates.

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