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EY Training for Women - Right outta the 50's

I was pretty horrified to read the below article today. This happened LAST SPRING, not in 1955.

In the wake of a #MeToo accusation within Earnst & Young in 2018, the held a leadership training program for women called Power-Prescence-Purpose. Horrifyingly, the content includes guidelines for women on how to dress, and have a "good haircut" and "manicured nails" and other suggestions like “Don’t flaunt your body ― sexuality scrambles the mind.”  The women who attended were told that their brains are smaller than men's, so it's hard for them to focus. As the writer of this article points out, the content of the session was geared to women looking and acting a certain way - basically, the solution to gender issues in the workplace is "fix the women."

I really need a reminder that there are some companies that get this right and aren't stuck in the decades and stereotypes of the past. Please share how your organizations or clients help support inclusion, diversity and equal opportunities for women, and how this ties into the overall Talent Optimization strategy and process.

Thank you!

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