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What are some examples of delighting new hires?

In the context of new products/apps I hear a lot about "delighting the user".

The reason for providing delight is to help that product/app become even more memorable.

That got me thinking about whether we can extend this idea to new team members?

Have you seen any examples of this, however formally or informally companies might have done this?

Bonus points if these are things the company doesn't spend too much money on.



  • I'll mention a couple of small, effective examples of this from my own experience as anew hire.

    I was so delighted, I even took pictures!

    In this pic, Lee is literally inviting me in to come and talk - it doesn't matter if he knows me or not. He's putting it out there that he's genuinely interested in whatever I have to say.

    Who does that? So awesome!

    In this other pic, they're making every day into Halloween. It's inviting who doesn't like candy?

    And If I have to come in and take M&M's that also means I will stay and chat and talk about our mutual love of all things candy.

    So low tech, yet so smart and brilliant!

  • I feel that providing new hires with materials such as their own Behavioral Assessment, a Team Work-Styles report and/or some Person Snapshots of members of their team can go a long way. It's super easy to have these printed for someone's first day and they can use them to not only get more comfortable with the product, but more comfortable with their new team members. It'll get them started on the right foot and make the process more memorable later down the road when they're no longer "the new person" on the team. By delighting the new employee and allowing them to see the value of the tools right away, they'll have reason to return the favor down the road and provide more new employees with the same experience! It's a very light lift to provide these documents and everyone wins! 👍️

  • There are some simple things that companies neglect to do that really sets the first impression of what the long term relationship is going to be like for a new employee. New hires should feel like they are expected. They are welcomed by an email a few days before they start with instructions on what their first few days will be like, their desk and computer are set-up when they arrive, someone is there to greet them when the arrive, someone plans to have lunch with them, and they get introduced to other employees. Employees make decisions in the first week if they are going to stay at a company, so these little things are super important.

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