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What's the most insightful book you've read this year (and what made it so impactful to you)?

In honor of National Book Lover's Day - let's build the ultimate library of great books.

What's been the most insightful book you've read this year and what made it so impactful to you?

It doesn't necessarily have to be a business book - anything that was inspirational works too.

If you read more than one great book, share that too.

Dying to see what shows up here



  • I'll go first.

    The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni has stayed with me near constantly.

    It helps that every week, our marketing meeting begins with someone drawing and summarizing the "Trust Triangle" but it's been great for my self awareness.

    I've been in a work environment in the past where a lack of transparency and politics at work were every present and I never ever wanted to experience that again.

    Knowing that I can play a part every day - even as someone without Director, VP or a C in their title - in helping build and promote a culture of trust and healthy conflict has fundamentally shifted the way I approach interactions with everyone at work now.

  • We just read "Leaders Eat Last" by Simon Sinek for book club and it was a phenomenal book. Very easy to read. Sinek tied biology and anthropology to workplace culture and psychological safety. It was not only a great read, but very timely for some content I was working on! :)

  • The Culture Code by Dan Coyle had so many amazing little nuggets in there, and it was written in such a compelling way. I can't recommend it enough for anyone interested in culture (i.e. everyone in this community!)

  • edited August 2019

    Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, her non-fiction recounting of Louis Zamperini's life story. Whenever I feel I'm having a bad day or feeling overwhelmed, I think of Louie, regain my perspective and remember things are fine. Not quite this year (at least for the first ready, I generally pick it up every year or two to remind myself).

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