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Examples of great job descriptions?

edited March 2019 in Hire

What was the last great job description you saw?

What about it made it great?

Please share a link of the job description you are talking about too.




  • edited March 2019

    Here's one from Mailchimp that I thought was good.

    What I liked about it was that the language used was very simple. It needed to communicate two key points, specifically

    a. The role is cross-functional - they say this multiple times using different words throughout the description.

    b. It requires great data/analytical skills - also something they say a lot.

    I've seen many similar descriptions go overboard with how much "hustle" would be required or focus overly on a specific area of expertise (like SEO) the person would need. The entire thing just feels well-balanced and the expectations set are very realistic.

  • Greatest job ad of all time...

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